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Our Aim

We are here to liberate providers from all hassles associated with management of personal injury accounts so they can focus on what they do best – treating and caring for patients. sdfsdf

We specialize in:

  • Making the provider a secured creditor with proper legal documentation

  • Collecting directly from third party liability in Unrepresented cases (cases where the patient elects NOT to retain an attorney)

  • Preventing reduction and suspension of payment of no-fault payers (liability), first party coverages (medical payments/personal injury protection)

  • Collecting successfully and quickly from the attorneys that the providers don’t know or trust

We ensure that providers get paid at the highest reasonable collection rate possible giving the ability to grow their practice in this area.

How We Do It

We tailor our service to your practice regardless of size and time in the personal injury arena. We can help get you started or take over your existing accounts, empowering you to stay in control of your cases with ease!


Your Personal Injury Billing and Lifecycle Management Solution

Our Mission

Our Mission

We are a national company here to connect, grow and serve the injury community by offering support and financial security of assets for medical providers in the personal injury arena. By applying applicable law around assignments and liens, strategic verification of payers, detailed billing and reimbursement follow up, we become the backbone and the synergy of the Provider, Patient, and Payer.

Why PI Back Office

Why PI Back Office?

We can help with

Understanding Treatment Protocol, Documentation, and Evaluation Process
  • Help identify pitfalls in documentation prior to submission of claims

  • Knowledge of evaluation tools: DMX, CRMA, sEMG (etc)

  • Understanding whole body impairment ratings/grade of injury for frequency and duration of care

Accurate Billing and Reimbursement Follow Up
  • Legal based financials to secure reimbursement

  • Securing payments from third party liability payers as well as attorney represented cases

  • Frequent submission on claims to assist in cash flow

Pricing and Compliance Guidelines 
  • Look for possible exposures within your office and create a game plan to resolve them 

  • **if you give a discount for cash this may cause a major compliance issue in your practice**

  • Help establish pricing and suggestions of additional modalities for thorough patient care 

  • Create and implement patient protocols to assist in their responsibility and obligations

Missed Marketing Opportunities
  • Increase the amount of time available to spend on care for your patients and growth of your practice

  • Enhance professional relationship with primary care providers, attorneys and insurance agents etc.

  • Giving your patient a support system to guide them through the PI process

Time Management / Patient Management
  • We become the back office, increasing time for your staff

  • Facilitate one on one consultation and training, work diligently with your office staff as needed

  • Provide a personalized case manager to your patients and office staff


“There’s a huge difference between the services provided by PI Back Office and just a billing service. And nobody in the personal injury business even comes close to what PI Back Office does.”

— Chiropractor, New Mexico

Best Injury Practice Standards


At the core of our commitment is a set of proprietary, multi-faceted, Best Injury Practice Standards – standards which we maintain and hold ourselves – and our practitioners – accountable to for the benefit of various stakeholders, including the patient. Areas of focus include, among others, objectifying conditions (e.g., pain, etc.)…, evidencing results…, eliminating inducements, split-fee schedules, and redundant services and payments…, and enhancing consumer choice and consumer protection.


What makes these standards so unique isn’t just their simplicity… or their multi-faceted nature. What makes them so unique is the way that we help to train our practices in those standards, systematizing them as we go, and then propel our practices based on those standards. 

As stated elsewhere, healthcare practices interested in growing “as they go” … and safely… are asked to go through extensive training and implementation as a prelude to utilizing our A/R management services and acquiring our advanced-level marketing resources and support. For those practitioners who prefer to manage their own accounts in-house, we offer our training and implementation program separate and apart from our management services.

Best Injury Practice Standards

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